Brooklyn Country Day's setting fosters an authentic connection to daily life- to elements of city living, as well as off the beaten trail. Real experiences are not a series of isolated activities with beginnings and abrupt endings; they require ongoing planning and work. 


Our private outdoor space allows for continuity of important outdoor play. Children need true elbowroom to form an ongoing, active relationship with the world outside their window, beyond visits to the playground and exposure to the park. With a separate music studio and art atelier a flight above the main school for weekly experiences, children have access to a variety of spaces.


In this home environment, children can go beyond a basic introduction to cooking through symbolic play. They can be a part of what they eat daily; by experiencing the time and effort it takes to help prepare a nourishing meal, they can grow to appreciate and respect the process, from humble radish seed to their family style lunch table.

Live to love

Creativity is more than learning how to construct new things; we also learn how to create solutions to problems that already exist, revisiting them with new approaches as our collective understandings and discoveries about the world evolve over time. With a rich, genuine environment as an additional teacher, our students thrive.


love to learn         

Brooklyn Country Day is about more than fostering self-esteem through independence. Beyond the close-knit school family we have formed, we care deeply about forming bonds with other families and friends from other schools and unlocking this incredible neighborhood and city together.