wendy moore, founder + director

Wendy started out as an eager attendee of It's A Small World Nursery School in a sleepy town in South Texas. As she grew up, her favorite memories were under the Friday night lights, leading the little marching band as drum major. She relished her roles in the drama club's one-act plays and loved a good piano competition. Traded her cowboy boots for some snow boots when she left for college; fell head over heels for psychology and cognitive science during her years at the University of Rochester.

She then got to work applying her undergraduate background to issues in education. She earned her doctorate in cognitive development at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she helped refine and implement a curriculum that fosters development of adolescents' argumentation skills (www.educationforthinking.org). Moved across the river to Park Slope and became interested in cooking, gardening, home improvement and design. Ask her sometime to see some photos of her and Justin's DIY renovation work! 

She welcomed her son Calvin into the world- her jaw dropped at the acceptance rates for local preschools, cost of full-time childcare, and general hysteria hovering over the availability of options for early childhood education. Equipped with ten years of theoretical background, research, and teaching, Wendy made an easy decision to contribute to our community in this unique way as the head teacher and director of this school- and couldn't be more excited. 


olivia takats, teacher

Olivia has been with BCD for five years. She is a certified K-12 teacher with a Masters in Art Education from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and is a formally trained artist with a BFA in illustration. She loves teaching children and knows that art is both a form of play for children and an essential step in development. Olivia has worked in schools over the past year teaching a wide range of students K-12, in a number of different classrooms and schools across NYC. 

Olivia has endeavored to create an inclusive classroom community where students feel welcomed and free to take risks in their learning and creating. She differentiates her teaching using technology, co-operative learning and project-based learning. She feels that the classroom should be a place where students can go to explore with not only new materials and mediums, but those they know and love as well- students should work with new themes as well as themes they are already interested in in order to excite and engage their interests.

ZINEB KARB, teacher

Zineb also has been with the BCD family for five years; she graduated from Hunter College in May 2013 with a concentration in psychology and is currently pursuing graduate studies in education. Fascinated by the many theories of child development, she realized that working with children was her calling! She has many years of babysitting and nanny experience with children ranging from 1 to 6 years old. She has completed many trainings, such as managing difficult behavior, using digital media to empower youth and the Harvard Ed. Labs Guided Reading Curriculum.